Saturday, November 26, 2011


Thank goodness I came out to my mom's for Thanksgiving. Not that I wouldn't have spent less money to simply not drive out at all, but my mom has "Empty Nest, Full Wallet" syndrome and likes to bestow things on me when I'm out here. So, armed with more cash in my pocket that I usually have in a month combined, my best friend and I cautiously ventured out to Target yesterday around noon to see if they had a book I wanted (The Girl Who Played With Fire), and ended up staying for an hour. I was quite proud of myself, spending only $30 on the book, a new pair of moccasins as my last pair have a hole worn through the sole, and a sweater. My dear BFF spent almost $70 on things she didn't need either, but got the cutest pair of shoes ever.

But this is a horse blog! So what else did I buy on Black Friday?

A German Martingale. Back when I first got Red, I became good friends with a local trainer who boarded a couple of her training horses at the barn I was at for use of their indoor. She really helped me out a lot first transitioning Red from crazy racehorse to caaaalm jumper horse, and I really, really respect her as a rider. All her horses (she's a H/J rider) go so beautifully, but they look SO happy with their jobs. She reccommend that I get a German Martingale as it has a lot more give to it than draw reins and she thought Red would really like it. However, as they're usually $50-$150, it kept getting pushed farther and farther down the list. But I finally caved for this serious cheapie, and I can't wait to try it out when I get home.

A shoulder guard. Red's turnout sheet is rubbing his shoulders and I hate those big bald spots. Plus, I'm going to clip him when I get back and I don't want him rubbed even more. It even comes with a matching tail bag! Which I already have. And never use. So if anyone wants a black tail bag, let me know and it's yours for free.

That's all I could bring myself to buy. Of course there are a million other things I want, but I still have to have gas money in the bank to get home. Darn.


  1. You have admirable self restraint. I'm impressed.

  2. it was torture. absolute torture.


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