Thursday, November 10, 2011

We are Eventers.

Hubby was talking with one of his customers (Hubby sells seed and chemicals for a big ag company) that lives in the same town as the barn is in. Said customer's wife came out and the subject of horses came up. Customer's wife was like, "Oh, which horse do you have there? I've boarded there on and off for seven years." So Hubby said that the wild Red stallion was ours and customer's wife started to rave about all the rave things she's heard about us, starting with, "Oh, she events, right?" That alone is music to my ears. Yes! I am an eventer! Yayyy!

The long and short of it is, she's heard that Red is a super cute, super awesome jumper, and I ride really well (clearly she did not hear this from the BO), and that we go to all our own shows alone (apparently this is the mark of someone seriously bad ass. I'll take it. I guess?).

Anyway. Maybe I shouldn't toot my own horn through second-hand "gossip", but every now and then you like to hear that people don't think you're a complete idiot ruining your horse, so I thought I share. It's my blog after all. I could tell you all about how people bow down and kiss the ground I ride on.

But I'll refrain.

interval training for racehorses: kind of like training eventers.
me riding the world-famous coyote lakes (aka charlie) and my roomie,
simone, on cobleskill-famous timothy murphy (aka derby doo).

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