Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We finally got power back on yesterday afternoon. I saw a Verizon work truck stop at the pole and fiddle around for half and hour.....and then drive away. I wanted to go running after him, waving my arms and screaming, "Nooooo!!! My lungs are icing over!!! Come baaaaack!!" Hmm. Maybe that's how Red felt. We are both princesses. Fortunately, about an hour later the real electric company truck pulled up and within ten minutes we had power! And there was water gushing from the spigots in the wall behind the washer! At which point I forgot all about going outside to grovel at the wonderful power workers' feet and threw the switch on all the breakers because I couldn't remember which one the pump was.

After several frantic runs back and forth to the washer and the breaker box, and several calls to Hubby ("Hubby! The kitchen is flooding! Again!"), I got the whole lot sorted out and was able to take a shower and do some dishes. Thank friggin' God. I am a total neat freak and having even a spoon left over in the sink makes me a little neurotic.

But the fun doesn't stop there. (It never does, does it?) This morning I climb out of my nice warm bed to walk around my nice warm house, and I nearly stepped on the rabbit.

Me: Bunny! What in Hades's name are you doing out?
Bunny: I don't know. Apparently I am Houdini and I can escape from my cage with nothing unlocked or broken. Now please put me back in. I am hungry.

I finally made my way to the barn to get all my stuff organized and make sure Red has everything he needs for an extended period of time off. Yay! I'm giving him November off as he's worked hard all year without much thanks from me, and I'm finally going to be able to see my family for Thanksgiving week in my hometown of Aurora, Illinois (Excellent.) for the first time in a year. I'll go to visit him between now and then, of course, but I'm definitely cutting back on gas money. Thank Goodness.

While I was there, he got his toes done and I got to watch another OTTB get worked on by an acupuncturist. Very interesting. She also does chiro work, so I got her card for when I have some money. Hopefully Red can go into the new year totally sound and with no excuses to be naughty.

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  1. I drive a super fuel efficient paid off car and I don't even want to talk about gas money. Ouch.

    I'm sure Red will enjoy a little time off. Hope you do the same!


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