Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It was so gorgeous outside again today, I couldn't help but go out to the barn. Red and Spyder have been moved to the paddock Red was in when he originally arrived for hunting season safety, and they were standing next to each other right by the gate. The other three horses were all the way at the top of the hill where the cross country course is, being normal horses and enjoying the awesome weather and grazing.

I had to send Red into the barn by himself to hold back Spyder from running me over to try to come in with him. Not cute, boys. Fortunately, Red is happy as long as he's with people and/or working, so it's not really a problem for me, but Spyder really needs some new friends. He screams his brains out now whenever Red is pulled out of the paddock.

Red got a seriously thorough grooming. He was disgusting. I think I gained about ten pounds from all the dirt and dust I curried off of him. He looked nice and shiny afterwards though, and since tomorrow is supposed to be equally as fabulous, he'll probably stay that way until it rains on Thursday. He is also up to 1,000 pounds! Woo hoo! Only fifty more to go. He got a hay belly before anything, but his ribs are just barely visible now. I can't wait for him to look like a foundation stock Quarter Horse again....as long as no one comments on it. He is a Thoroughbred, damn it! Look at his pin firing and enormous ankles! OTTB love.

red and robert in january.

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