Tuesday, October 25, 2011


red likes to lick things after he gets cookies.

fortunately spyder is obliging.

Red and I knuckled down on some serious dressage work today. At the walk, it was all about moving forward with purpose. We do not drag our toes, Red. We march! And march we did. We kicked off the ride on a good note and kept on rolling from there.

At the trot we worked on shortening and lengthening his stride with half halts. I brought him down to a teeny tiny jog that a western pleasure horse would have been able to blow past, then back out to a big bouncy trot. We also worked on trot-halt-trot transitions to get him really going UP and forward instead of just forward. And it worked. He felt so big finally. I asked him for a spiraling circle in and out at each end of the arena to work on our bend, and he was amaaaazing to the right. As we spiraled out on the second cirlce, I asked him for the canter. And he picked it up from the right lead right away!! And it was an amazing uphill canter. I liken it to a big show jumping canter, but I think it's actually what a really nice dressage canter should look like too. Either way, I felt so ON riding it and Red felt so ON giving it to me.

To the left, he was a little counter...flexed? in his head--just sort of tipped out a little. I think it's time for another massage and to find a chiro. Sigh. Put it on the list. Hopefully next month.

His trot and canter work weren't quite so good to the left. He kind of fell apart at the canter, so I went back to trot work and practiced more transistions. The canter got better after that, but it still wasn't quite as fancy as to the right. Go figure.

We ended working on trotting down the centerline and halting straight, which Red can never get enough work in. The whole ride was really fun for once though! It was like Red finally was saying, "Oh, ok. I understand what you're asking. I can do that." Instead of, "What do you want?! I can't do anything! Aghblerghblargh." Now to keep him in that mind frame....

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  1. Sounds like a most excellent ride. I want to have one of those. ;-)

    The pictures are adorable. Goofy horse.


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