Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sick Red Pony

What a way to start the day. I get a call at eight this morning while I'm still in bed with a massive headache and a box of Kleenex next to me on the pillow froma sinus infection saying that Red has a fever of 104. Ughnghngh.

Apparently he didn't eat finish his hay from last night and didn't touch any this morning, but he ate his grain fine so BM put him out as usual. After doing stalls, she looked out at the pasture and he was laying down in the middle of the field. So she brought him back in, gave him 10ccs of Banamine and put a call in to the vet while BO called me.

I talked to the vet on my way up to the barn after cursing and stomping around the house looking for the checkbook for ten minutes. Vet said she's gotten a lot of calls the past few weeks with horses presenting the same way: high fever, stocked up behind, and general discomfort. Red wasn't stocked up though BM thought he was--he just has big fat racehorse back ankles and always looks a little swollen. Vet said she could come out if I wanted her to, but she recommended giving it 24 hours to see if the fever runs its course. Spyder had similar symptoms last week with a fever of 103.3 and he was totally fine the next day. She thinks it could be anaplasmosis from the ticks, but if his fever goes back to normal she doesn't recommend spending the money for a course of Doxy but to draw blood in 30 days to test for it.

When I got to the barn, the Banamine had brought his fever down to a touch under 101, but his body was still hot and he looked absolutely miserable. He was, however, eating his hay (from a different dealer--not as grassy as last night's), pooping, and he drank half a bucket of water. So at least colic isn't a worry.

I've been putting off getting him insured again until I have the money, but I might just beg and borrow from my mom to get it done now. I don't think he's in jeopardy or anything, but something like this does make me want to cover all my bases sooner rather than later.

BO said she would call me this afternoon after Red's dinner to say how he was doing, but in the meantime I left a blank check at the barn and gave the vet permission to treat him without me being there should his fever get worse.

So jingles for Red Pony. He's never had so much as a stomach ache since I've had him and it sucks seeing him look so miserable.

Feel better Red!


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