Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New baby and more dressage

The barn got in yet another baby, this one a five month old paint colt. I don't know the scoop on him yet besides that he was a trade-in for an older QH. Also don't know what's wrong with his leg, but he seemed completely fine wandering around his paddock so maybe they're just trying to fix something cosmetic. I think he's kind of fugly myself.

Red and I made some more progress in our dressage work today, though we both fought hard for it--or against it in Red's case. I rode in the indoor so we could go through our dressage test and after a good, positive warm up, we got down to business.

I had my spurs on today to try to get more bend on Red's circles and it turned into an excerise of when to use a half halt and when to pop him with the spurs. He was going really well through the whole test until we got to the right canter. I asked him way too much for the transistion and he exploded onto the left lead, his head went right into the air, and we lost everything for the next ten minutes while I got him going well again. Sorry, Red. My fault, but you probably overreacted just a touch. I gave him a few small half halts before asking again, then veeeery quietly asked for it and I got it the first time.

I think the Micklem Bridle is working well as far as helping Red "get" what I'm asking. He's answering my questions much quicker and accepting the bit right away when we get to work. However, that's not necessarily working in our favor quite yet. Because he's working so much harder, he's getting kind of pissy about it and grinding his teeth when he really gets down to business. If there's one thing Red really doesn't like, it's having to expend a lot of effort on what he considers meaningless flat work. "Go around in circles?" Red asks. "Why not make it fun by adding jumps? This is boring!" The way our dressage has been going the past two days though, I'm actually starting to look forward to Satuday. Just don't tell Red!

Speaking of, ride times for Plantation are up. Remember how I said I always get the best ride times? I lied. Plantation is three and a half hours away from me. The barn is half an hour from my house. I ride dressage at 9:20am. Ughhhh. Stadium at 10:54 and xcountry at 11:04. At least we'll be home early! Ughhhh.

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  1. Haha, he sounds like my old tb mare. We always lost a lot of point because judges called her "tense". Ha. Yes, she was that.


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