Monday, October 17, 2011

In which all sorts of jumping techniques take place.

Friday, Red and I had a good but challenging flat school. He warmed up really super and I kept working on keeping him forward and keeping my hands in the correct position. BO was riding her horse in the arena with me and remarked that Red "is looking really good." I naively assumed she was paying us a complement and replied, "Thanks. I feel like I'm riding him really well today." "No, I mean he looks like he's gained a lot of weight."

Really? Would it kill you to just say, "Yes, he looks like he's going nicely. He also looks like he's filling out more." Or some such thing. I whined to Hubby about it and in all his infinite wisdom he simply said, "She's a horse person. You're a horse person. You're in the horse business. That's what you deal with all the time. I don't know why you're bothered by it."

Fine. Fair enough. No more whining. I have resolved to just brush off any little sideways comments that would bother me and grow a thicker skin.

Now, back to the fun stuff. Ponies!

Here's a good dressage exercise for everyone to practice, should you so choose. Free walk across the diagnol, pick up the medium walk at the first letter you get to (H, K, M, or F), pick up your trot at A or C, then back to medium walk in the next corner (if you trotted at A, walk between M and C). And do it all over again. It's much harder than you think, unless you have a super nicely behaved horse who enjoys dressage. In which case I envy you. Red found this excercise really difficult, but not where I thought he would. Instead of anticipating the trot from the walk, he was against the medium walk from the free walk. So we spent a lot of time relaaaxing when I shortened the reins and he eventually did it well enough that I let it go.

We ended Friday with a really big, really stretchy, really relaxed trot....hunter style. And we came down the centerline and halted on a dime perfectly square and perfectly balance. Our takeaway from this: We suck at dressage.

Saturday we both had the day off. Hubby and I drove over the border to visit his family in NY and I imagine Red spent the day rolling and rolling some more because he was filthy yesterday. We jumped until the cows came home and becasue this post is already boringly long, I'll make the rest pictures in no particaular order.

who needs dressage when you can be a jumper pony?

warm up

oh, red. it won't eat you.

2'7 coop.

3' vertical from an angle.

literally the third fence i asked him to jump. he wasn't feeling it
yet, but after warming up he didn't have a problem.

2'9 gate

3'3 vertical

we had difficulties approaching this head-on and knocked it down once.

the first time over it--i was "helping"!

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  1. Oh! Fun dressage exercise. We will try it and report back.

    Your husband said exactly what mine would have. They're right--horse people will be horse people. I try to think of them as socially clueless instead of catty.


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