Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm lacking in pictures.

Sorry for the lack of exciting pictures lately. I'll force Hubby into action tomorrow and try to do something exciting.

I did a little cross country schooling with two other girls today (Sarah on Blackberry and Olivia on Kidd). Red and I did our very first drop! I may or may not have let out a little scream the first time down (Ok, I screamed. Loudly. But I kept it short.), but we did it three or four more times without incident. Red acted like a pro, showing me up and making me look like an idiot for worrying, as always. I walked him up to it and he just hopped right down. Super pony!

I also did the bank combo (a 3' jump up to six strides to a 2' jump up) twice. Red was a little awkward and I wasn't much help, but I did manage to stay out of his way and he didn't get mad at me.

Over everything else he was his usual fabulous self. The jumps aren't big by any means, but it's rolly terain and he did a couple of jumps off of cantering downhill.

I scratched Bucks tomorrow. It's just not worth it to me to go out there when no one is totally sure there will even be any BN/N/T jumps available and I hate the BN B test. I'm going to try to schedule a schooling day at Burgundy Hollow the weekend before Plantation to do some N stuff. Sarah for sure wants to go and Olivia is interested too. Fortunately BO has a 3 horse. Hopefully she lets us borrow her truck, too!

If you need a laugh, look under every tab of this website. Prepare to get strange looks for your almost stifled giggling. 

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