Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun time at Burgundy Hollow!

I'll keep the write up brief so you can enjoy pictures!

Red got company for his cross country schooling today. Sarah and her 19yo. Quarter Horse Blackberry came along as Sarah is dying to get back into eventing. Blackberry has jumped about two other times in the past year--at the least--and he was a total rockstar today. We walked from jump to jump and kept the cantering to a minimum and both horses were barely sweaty under their saddles by the time we were done. Sarah did mostly BN jumps, but a few N ones as well. They both definitely had fun and you could tell Blackberry was enjoying himself.

Red was equally awesome. I think I've finally gotten it through my thick head that the key to a clear round on Red is to ride him with lots of forward momentum so he doesn't have time to let his naughty little brain wander and start worrying. He was an absolute champion over the Novice jumps and, minus a few blunders from my lack of riding, he looked and felt like an old pro. I feel really confident going into Plantation now; I'm really glad I got the chance to go out today.

sorry red.

my face tells you exactly how brave i am for drops.

sarah and blackberry showing us how it's done.

"excuse me. this is my pond."

red secretly loves water. he just likes to be a diva sometimes.

bn oxer.

novice oxer!

sarah and blackberry over the bn oxer.

it only took us a year, but we finally look like real eventers!

blackberry's infamous tail.

first time over the novice coop. whoops.
another novice coop, first try!

red, you can share the water!


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