Thursday, October 27, 2011


Red got his turnout sheet today just in time. It's 39 degrees and pouring out, with the rain expected to turn to snow this evening. I'm glad I kept putting off buying a sheet because I got a serious friggin' deal on this baby. It's Horze brand--a European company--marked on their website for £82, marked on the bag for £62 or $90. I got it off of for $23 on their Midnight Madness sale a few days ago. Sweet.

Honestly, it's a weird cut as you can see, with the neck being cut back really far making it tight around his shoulders. The website said they ran large so I decided to take a gamble with a 75" (He usually goes in a 78" or 80") and even then it's still a touch big. However, I had a nice surprise when I got to the barn. BM's horse passed away a year ago and she still had his Weatherbeeta t/o sheet and decided to donate it to Red. It's fits him perfectly so we figured it'd be a nice sheet for daily turnout and his black sheet can be his night sheet while he's in his stall and then take it to the shows.

Speaking of shows.... the weather for Plantation Saturday? High of 46, Rain/Snow. Yeahhh.... I really hope they let us use their fancy shmancy new facilities so we're not doing dressage and stadium on wet, muddy, hilly grass. Here's a teaser for what we're going to look like:

Blech. As you can see, I pulled out the big guns and strapped on the draw reins. I figured I'd try to get one final hardcore dressage school in and just do a relaxed, forward, stretchy ride tomorrow. I can't say I really noticed a difference. Which is a good thing! That means he's going as well without the draw reins as with them.

His canter leads weren't quite so fabulous though. He got them perfectly in warm up, then I went through my dressage test. And again. And again. And again. We ended up running through it three and a half times before he got both leads. He gets so tense about picking up his right lead that he picks it up going to the left, then I bring him back down to make him pick up the left, and he gets flustered and picks up the left going to the right. He is a Thoroughbred. And a red head. Sometimes he just can't help it.

I finally gave him one solid crack that made his head come so far up it lifted up his front feet. Which was a little over-dramatic. I smacked him on the rump. Even if I was so inclined to smack him between the ears--which I'm not--there's no point. The only thing between them is floating thoughts of peppermints. It finally got through to him that "Mom is pissed. I better get my shit together." and he picked up both leads beautifully. So we went back to the barn and shared half a bag of peppermints. Hmm....maybe that's why that's all he thinks about?

Also, for a funny story, one of the barn workers was dropping hay while I was tacking Red up. Hay gets dropped down from the hay loft into the aisle and stacked in the hay stall. Red was seriously impressed. Who knew dinner came from the sky?


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