Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Big Five Oh

Red has officially gained fifty pounds in under two months.


He's still go 100 or so more pounds to go before he looks like the hunky Quarter Horse he mimics in his prime weight, but I'm super happy with the progress he's made since moving him.

I had a really good ride on him today despite losing my half chaps yet again, therefore being reduced to ride in polos. And no. Of course I would not leave you without the wonderful picture I made:

I honestly don't know what I do with them. I started Red off in draw reins because I've been feeling pretty sick lately and just didn't have the energy to put up with a head-tossing fight. He warmed up super, getting his right lead the second time, and I pulled them off to get to work.

As I mentioned before, my hands tend to sit way too low so today I worked again on keeping them up and spaced properly. Red was a little "Pfffft" to start, but I feel like I actually rode him really well today. I didn't let my hands get fussy or fall into my lap, I kept a steady contact with his mouth, and just kept riding him forward. Pretty quickly he settled into a really nice trot with his body in a nice "frame" for where we are in our work. He was moving out and wasn't tense in his jaw like he gets when he's nervous or anticipating a fight. Aaand....when we ran through our dressage test.......he picked up his right lead the first time!!!! YAAY!!!!!!!

About two seconds before we were headed back to the barn, it started to pour. Like, monsoon season pour. Red could have cared less but I didn't want to get soaked so we trotted back. Only Red decided that, while walking back to the barn is fine, trotting probably brings about monsters and should not be done under any circumstances--unless your mom cracks the dressage whip over your booty and says, "Let's GO!" In which case you should spook at everything to show her how terrfying that idea is. "Did you hear that walnut drop?? What about those leaves??? Was that a squirrel???? DID THAT SHED JUST GROW FANGS AND TRY TO EAT ME?!?!?!?!"

Oh, Red.

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  1. I loved my long, lean horse. Then she gained weight and now my farrier teases me about how she looks like a QH. No winning, I guess.


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