Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Your chauffeur today will be Hubby.

So my poor Saturn officially died. It still starts (after several tries), it screams the entire time you're moving, and the brakes are getting to be raaather questionable. So Hubby has to cart me to the barn when he gets how from work in the evenings until we get enough money to get it fixed. Maybe in two weeks, maybe not.

We got there just after the thunderstorms which made the arena footing really nice for once. Sprinkler, BO? Yeah, right. I got Bobby's saddle and breastplate on, then right after I took off his halter to put on his bridle, he laid down in the aisle. Like he was waiting for me to get him off the cross ties. I'd been watching him very closely and saw no indication that he was getting that sleepy look. In fact, lots of buggies were driving by so he had his ears up and was trying to look out the door to see them. It wasn't a panicked fall; actually, I wouldn't call it a fall at all. He just laid down. He stayed there for just under a minute with no fuss, then got right back up. WTF?! I'm going to sit in front of the bill list all day today and try to budget in a vet visit for the next pay check to get him a neuro exam done.

I warmed him up in draw reins again, and will continue to do so for the rest of the week to put in a crash course to try to save our dressage Sunday.

I ran through the sort-of BN Test A to finish off the draw reins. There were jumps in the way, Maddison was in the arena and we nearly collided since she didn't understand what "Stay to the inside!" meant, and I forgot to pick my trot back up at A. Bobby was feeling fresh and wasn't as spot on as usual with the downward transitions. It was a sloppy test overall, but I didn't want to start over-correcting him and fighting and making both of us pissed.

We moved onto jumping. I had Hubby move the jump cups from the back rail of the rolltop to make a two rail 2'6 vertical. Bobby jumped the rolltop without the rail, but not well at all.

trying to jump the 1' gap between the rolltop and standard.
So Hubby propped the back rail up on top of the rolltop. Bobby jumped it much better after that--much more exuberantly.

We moved on to the vertical. He knocked the top rail down the first time.

Threw in an extra stride where it was really not needed the second time and brought down both rails.

Rushed it the third time, but went over well enough.

I had Hubby set out a ground pole a stride out after that. Bobby was taken by surprise and clipped the top rail without bringing it down the first time. The second time was picture perfect. I had Hubby take a video the third and final time. He jumped it okay, but not as lovely as the second time. We ended there.

Red got left out. Again. I'm going to see if Hubby will ride him the rest of the week until I get my car back. We didn't get home until 9:30 last night after just riding one horse. It sucks being broke.

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