Wednesday, August 31, 2011


For lack of better things to do, and because Hubby got home early from work last night, we made a quick jaunt up to the barn to make sure Red was still alive and give him a spin on the lunge.

BO must have finally realized I was moving him because his stall card was wiped clean. CL and CL's Friend has rewritten theirs in. I hope for their sakes it means they're not staying. But really, what a retarded thing to do. What if one of our horses coliced or choked? A phone number would be key. Gah. But he's leaving this afternoon!

I just talked to the farrier right quick, but she was in rush so I wasn't able to ask her if she'll be able to come out to Benton to continue doing Red. I'll have to ask her this afternoon instead. I hope so. She charges $25 a trim and BO at new barn said her cheapest farrier trim is $60. Uhhhh.....yikes.

I started Red off to the right for ten minutes of w/t/c before handing over the line to Hubby to do him to the left. Hubby was not pumped, but I forced him to do it anyway. Red enjoyed it. He was all, "I know this sucker in the middle. I can do what I want."

hubby: walk on.
red: lol.                

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