Saturday, August 20, 2011

I would take a BO for you.

I made Hubby saddle up his company truck today and give me a ride to the barn while he went trapaising around the gamelands looking for spots to trap cute little fuzzy animals this winter. We got there and sticking out of one of the bays was the front end of BO's yellow Hummer. (Yes, he drives a Hummer. Wah, wah, you can't afford to feed them enough hay--especially when you make your own, asshole! Anyway.) Fortunately, it was running which meant that he was about to leave. But being the blissfully ignorant dick that he is, he chummily greeted me as I went to get the grain out of the bed of Hubby's truck.

BO: Hey, how are you guys doing?

Me: Ughn.

BO: I haven't seen you all week.

Me: I was here Monday and Tuesday.

BO: Oh, I was at Ag Days so.....

And he continues his conversation with Hubby who got out of the truck at that moment as I stalked off. I grabbed my brushes to go over Bobby really quick so we could snap some body shots of him before his new owner comes to pick him up. Hubby came in a few minutes later singing, "I would take a grenade for ya..." Or an obnoxious, oblvious BO.

So here are some comparison pictures. Bobby before:

thick neck.

round booty, no back bone to be seen.

chunky monkey.
Those are from when I first bought him in December 2010. He was not at this barn yet. He was on pasture board with Red and Storm and at that point the three of them were eating five 40lb bales of hay a day, and Red and Bobby were on 4lbs of Safe Choice a day. And that's it. And they looked fabulous.

Fast forward to today:

Same horse? I think not. Disgusting. I think he's lost about 300 pounds. No shit. But he only has to make it through two more days and he'll be able to look like a rotund Standardbred again. Only, he's a Thoroughbred. But still.

I'll get after pictures of Red tomorrow. He doesn't look nearly as bad, but comparitively, to where he was in December, he looks dreadful.

I'm starting Red back into work sloowly. I'm not going to ride him until we move barns and he starts eating right again, but I'm going to lunge him in side reins a few times a week just to get him oot and aboot.

We went ten minutes total today, mostly walk/trot transitions with three circles at the canter each way.

red! we're not hunter pony anymore!

kind of dressage pony?
He did not want to canter to the right. He never does. It ended like this:

Me: Canter.

Red: No.

Me: Caanter.

Red: Nope.


Red: Ok, fine. Proceeds to leap into canter, get tangled in lunge line, and take off across the arena where the gate is open.

Red: Oh, hey. I'm stuck in my lunge line. Help?

Ohh, Red. So we regrouped and finished our three circles with minimum fuss. He got a bath, Bobby got hosed off and put back out (He had to come in with us because he can't be out alone.), and away we all went on our hungry ways.

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