Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Glimmer of Hope

I had Hubby take me to the barn this morning in the middle of workday so I could try to catch CL and her trainer to talk to them about Bobby. (Best Hubby ever, needless to say.) We got there and no one else was around, but I stayed while Hubby went off and worked in the area. I weight-taped Red: 930 pounds, down from 959 pounds three days ago! I noticed that his hips look way more sunken in and I basically started flipping silent shit. Bobby's weight has remained steady for the past week, though certainly no gaining.

Finally, CL's friend pulled in and was like, "How are you doing this morning?" And I broke down into violent sobbing. Again. She gave me a big hug and was like, "I know, I know. We're in this with you." It did make me feel better to realize that they do know what's going and totally understand the situation because they're out every day dealing with the same shit, too. So we sat down and talked for awhile and she told me that her and CL are moving their four horses out at the end of the month, too. They already found a place in Jersey Shore which is about half an hour past the current barn, so that'd make it about an hour to an hour and fifteen minute drive for me. No can do.

However, she did say that she'd talk to their trainer and send out an email to the local 4H about Bobby. That made me feel better that at least he's getting out there now and I'd know he was going to a good home. It really, really sucks that I'm going to be losing some serious money on just giving him away, but at the same time, I want to do what's best for him and I just can't afford to bring him to a better barn and obviously this barn is horrible for both horses. I'm going to just have to make sure he goes to a great place and start with a clean slate making sure I finally give Red the amazing care he deserves at a new barn.

Later today, CL called me and left a message saying that the owner of the barn they're moving to might be interested in taking Bobby and she might come out Thursday to take a look at him. I also posted on the COTH Giveaway forum and got literally seven responses within the afternoon. It makes me feel better that he'll find a home fast and it's up to me to make sure he gets the best one. One more huge step to getting the eff out of there!

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