Monday, March 28, 2011

Future purchases....and the future in general.

Well, I want to start on the positive first. Hubby is fully dedicated to buying me a horse trailer! I found what looked like a great trailer for our price range (under $1,000) on craigslist, but when I went to stare at it again today, the ad had been deleted by the poster, which probably means it was already sold. Serious bummer. So I found a couple more, one with pics that show it needs serious paint and is a little more, and one without pics but is cheap! Emailed the one person for pictures and Hubby will call about the other tonight.

Also need a new show helmet. My CO crash helmet is just fine, but my IRH helmet has a crushed visor and I don't know about the soundness of the rest of it. I really like the look of this one, and I really, really like the price. It's on the list. Also really friggin need a new show coat since mine is too small. At least my boots and breaches fit well; and at least I already have a vest!

Now for the negative: I'm not actually sure at this point I'll even be able to even this year. A horse trailer will really help for sure because I won't be struggling to find someone up here to travel with. However, Hubby's truck is a company truck so of course he doesn't want to use it to haul a trailer to shows; understandly, and under desperate measures, he probably would anyway.

Also, it's going to be a struggle just affording entry fees. I still want to make this work somehow, and make it down to go cross country schooling anywhere, but that's money for gas and/or shipping, a schooling fee, and just finding a day that Hubby could go if he's the one that has to take me. I guess I can still keep hoping, but I'm already so bummed out just at the prospect of not being able to do it.

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