Thursday, March 24, 2011

Farrier visit and James Bond driving

Had the farrier out for the first time since we moved down here in September of last year. Now don't go raving psycho neglectful owner on me. Red's feet were fine and there was nothing wrong with them. Hubby is quite good at filing barefoot horses and that's all Red has ever needed done.

Bobby came down in December. He got his feet trimmed and front shoes put on December 2nd. The day after, he lost one shoe. The day after he came to me a week later, he lost the other. The farrier for the college is ridiculous. I rasped his feet after that incident just to get all the jagged edges off, but his feet were soooo small I didn't want to take any off.

So the new farrier is Bill Welshans who is apparently a reining rider. He had lots of tips for Hubby (who wants to get into roping and general cowboy-ness) on where he could do team penning and who the local ropers are. He seemed pretty nice, and he's cheap. He also has no respect for how CL handles her horses; and rightfully so since they were walking all over her while she was holding them for him.

He trimmed Red in two minutes flat, and moved on to Bobby. He nipped off maaaybe a quarter of an inch off of one hind, less than that on the other, and none at all on the fronts. He was like, "I don't want to take much off this horse." Ugh. 3 and a half months later and his feet are still so tiny they can't have anything taken off. But he did a good job smoothing them out making them look nice.When he was done, he asked, "Does this horse have any leg issues?" "He's always had stifle issues, but nothing wrong with his legs." "Oh, yeah. I can see that." Boo.

Only $50 for the two of them, and I have an appointment for 8 weeks, but if I have the money, I'd still like to get front shoes on Bobby. I guess it all depends on if we can actually afford to go to any events and when.

Then, on the way home, I almost got into a serious car accident. It was raining and snowing on and off all day which is why I didn't go down to the barn until 5 for the farrier. On the way home, it was thundering, lightening, and sleeting. Just outside of town, I started hydroplaning--no big deal, I've been there before. As soon as the car got out of the lake it was swimming thorough, it hit ice on the road and promptly careened head-on for the guardrail in the next lane at 50mph. Now this is a big deal. Because I do not want to die. So I slammed on the brakes hoping that if I did hit it, I would at least have slowed it down enough not to total my poor little Saturn.

Well, of course once I hit the brakes I started spinning. But the wonderful car did slow waaay down and it stalled and came to a stop with its ass right up against the guard rail. So now I'm cross-ways in the middle of two lanes with a dead car. Does the Saturn say "screw you!" and not start? Oh, no. It fires right up and I get over to the shoulder, let the other cars pass me, and pull off into the grocery store parking lot where I call up Hubby sobbing to come get me. No one hurt, not even the car.

The Saturn is a pro at my crazy driving. When driving out to IL one summer, I was in OH and went to change lanes at the EXACT same moment that another car did; neither on of our's fault, just one of those crazy things that happen. So I braked and swerved back over and immediately started fishtailing from fresh oil on the road. Now I do not generally panic when things go crazy because I learned to drive in winter in a Chevy Colorado with no weight in the back in upstate NY. But fresh oil is mother-effing slick and away went the Saturn, spinning around 3 full times in front of moderate traffic on I-90. Again, no one hurt, no accidents, and the Saturn started up again and we moved on.

Knock on wood, I have a car god watching over me.

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