Thursday, March 17, 2011


Fed Bobby his U-Gard by hand to ensure he doesn't dribble any on the floor and miss some when he tries to clean up. Checked on Red's bum leg and lo-and-behold, it's warmer than yesterday and poofy. Took him for a short, slow walk around the field so his hind legs won't stock up, then cold hosed (making sure to spray him in the face in the process--not torture, his favorite part of bath time), poulticed and wrapped it up again.

All wrapped up with no place to go.
Took Bobby out to get ready for an easy w/t ride finally since the arena--where not churned into disguisting-ness--was actually pretty good. We had a pretty serious battle about girthing up, which he's been getting worse with. Come on, U-Gard! Finally relented and dropped the other side a hole and cranked it to get it on the first hole. Dick. Put the draw reins on, strapped on the spurs, and stuck the whip in the back pocket.

Relatively good w/t ride with lots of circles and leg yields and working on straightness. He was getting kind of ticked at me getting kind of ticked at him and starting leaning on the bit, so I stopped with all the circles and put him over baby x-rails one time a piece, then trotted him over the line. Wasn't exactly perfect because of lack of impulsion and forwardness so he jumped pretty flat, knocking over one of the poles, but he cantered off on the correct lead. I let him leave it at that since I didn't want to go crazy first day. Back. As long as the weather stays good, we're going to stay in the arena and get some serious schooling done.

Aaaaand, miracle of miracles, my Conquer came today so I can drug Bobby tomorrow! Yay!

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