Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 35

I had a really shitty morning and I didn't even want to go to the barn, but I felt guilty enough missing yesterday that I forced my grouchy ass to drive the 40 miles and go see the ponies. Then, I didn't even feel like riding.

I got on Red bareback and wandered aimlessly about for a few minutes while watching the amish spread manure and the calves frolic about.

Ooh, scray things!

Then I decided I'd be ambitious and jump today, so I set Red free to go stare and snort at the belgians while I dragged a plywood board, probably about 4 feet wide and 10 feet long under one of the poles set as a vertical, then lay 2 barrels on their sides and brought the standards in close to them. Attempted to reel Red back in, but he was prancing and snorting like a moron, though the other horses were out of sight by this point. Finally found a mint in my pocket and managed to corral him in the corner.

Where Red is is the "holding pen" I mentioned last post.
Tacked Red up and tied his naughty self to the stall because he kept wanting to push past me and stare outside in case the belgians returned. He was not pleased.

We had a few minutes of fighting and trying to get his punk ass to pay attention at the walk before I kicked him into the trot (with several smacks of the whip to get him to pay the fuck attention) and he slowly regained some semblance of brains. We did a short t/c warm up before I gave him a looksie at the jumps, but did he so much as glance at them? Nope. The horses were getting put away. So when I turned him towards the vertical with the board underneath, he was just fine going up to it.....until he realized there was something under it! God forbid. He slammed on the brakes and swerved. I gave him a solid crack on the ass and took several deep breaths since at this point my morning was continuing to go quite shittily.

Brought him around it again and he jumped it with about ten feet  to spare on the landing side. You never know when these boards might come running after you so you better make sure you have a head start on them.

Then I took him to the barrels. Now, back in the golden days, Red had no problem leaping barrels both on their side with poles stacked above them or barrels standing on their ends. Red is a crazy good jumper when he feels like being smart. However, this time, he was being such a snorty fool for the barrels, I figured we were going to play one of our favorite games: "You can't make me go over this!" "Oh, really? Try me."

But no! He cantered right over it, though he did have his knees to his eyeballs--again, there have been reports of jumps eating horses, so you have to be cautious. Cantered to the left over the line of the two and he went over them totally calmly and sanely, and jumping like a normal horse. Nothing like my trusty Red Pollard to make me feel better. Kept it short for his leg and put him away with lots of cookies.

I still wasn't sure I wanted to ride Bobby, but since I'm not sure I'll be able to get out much this week because of lack of gas funds, I sucked it up and got on. I switched bits to my thin dee after a COTH discussions in which I apparently haven't trained my horse....at all. Whatevs, guys. The dee was a horrible idea as he kept flipping his head with it; and yes it was fitted on the bridle properly, it did fit his mouth correctly, and there were no rough edges on it. He just doesn't do well in it, and he does do well in the slow twist. So pfffft.

Anyway, I love trotting with short stirrups because I feel so much more secure and like I'm riding so much better. Before I got on, I led the beast around the jumps since he's still a greenie. I also knocked the vertical over the board to a one-sided cross rail and led/jumped him over the barrels so he knew he could get over them. W/t warm up, then over the board a couple times with zero difficulties. He kept glancing at the barrels as we circled past them to get to the board, so I thought he might be a jerk about them. I kept a lot of leg on and pointed him at them......and he popped over like it was no big.

Cantered him over the line both ways a couple of times and he was feeling soooo good! I think that Conquer really helped. He was letting out little bucks and silly Bobby rears when I told him good boy after the fences and you could tell he was really enjoying himself. AND, we also had a very straight ride today.

After I had both ponies rubbed down with alcohol and stuffed with hay, crazy lady's friend showed up. She put her two horses out first, then one of crazy lady's babies, then the other. BO showed up after both her horses were our and we were talking about how he's getting two new horses in and blalblahblah. When CL's friend went tot ake final pony out, all 3 other horses were at the gate and wouldn't let her in with climbing all over her and baby. So then baby 1 and arabian got out to the holding pen, then baby 2, then baby 3. So they're all running around like assholes; I go to help CL's friend and get CL's 2 in and she manages to chase the other 2 back in.

Then she went on a rant to BO about how the 2 babies "HAVE. TO. BE. SEPERATED." (They share a stall.) Then I decided I liked her a little bit more for having a bit of a brain. But though BO has 2 open stalls even after these 2 horses come in, I guess he likes to keep them open for whatever reason.

And the farrier for CL and co. is supposed to come tomorrow so he's going to get a call and see if he can trim both boys.

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