Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 34

Soooo nice outside yesterday. 60 and sunny with no wind to make it chilly.

Went out around 1:30 with plans on having Hubby walk and lightly trot Red around the arena while I worked Bobby, but crazy lady and her friend with both their daughters were there. They were lunging the arabian with another baby in the arena when we first got there. I gave Bobby his lunch and both horses some hay while waiting to see what the fuck they were going to do. Crazy lady's friend's daughter got on arabian (Horse is 6 and still green, daughter is 13 and they ride her every time in draw reins. Which is not ok by me.) and crazy lady put her baby in the "holding pen" between arena and barn. Great use of space guys. Really. That just pisses me off beyond reason. Maybe because I already don't like them. So Hubby and I took the dogs to the gamelands for half and hour in hopes that by the time we came back, they'd be done monopolizing the entire fucking barn. Again.

No such luck. This time they had crazy lady's 2 babies in the holding area, arabian was still being ridden, and crazy lady's friend's other baby was being "lunged". These women are clueless. I mean, I understand that they're new to horses and everything, and they have a trainer for their horses, but they're the type of people that the more they try to do and the more they try to learn, the worse they come off as.

But I am an elitist when it comes to horses, and a large part of my personality is enjoying people looking bad--especially when it makes me look better--and being very.....protective? selfish? of the things I do well, and not wanting others to go anywhere near those things. At least not when they're not my friends. And while not a great personality to have, I'm not ashamed in the slightest.

Anyway, back to ponies getting ridden. We decided to go for a trail ride since it was so gorgeous outside. We went they way we don't usually go since there's a fallen tree across the path, but we walked by it with the dogs and decided the horses had enough room to sneak by. A fisherman came out of the woods right next to Bobby and he had a little snort at that, but he was far more concerned with the screeching child walking with her mom. Fortunately, the mom got the kid to shut up (I'm not much of a kid person) as we passed, so no one spooked and got trampled.

We walked the whole way until we got to a really long, but not really steep hill that I trotted Bobby down while Red walked. I had a spaz when a woodchuck went blasting through the woods next to Bobby and I on the way back, though Bobby was hardly concerned, and Red didn't even seem to notice it.

Their clips look better under saddle.

I made Bobby canter up the hill, and he was like, "neeehhhhh", but I gave him a kick and he picked it up strongly, then cantered back well.

You see now where the straightness work is always coming into play.
Really fun ride all together once we got away from the barn. When we got back, the crazy lady posse was gone and Shiraz (a ridiculously cute paint across from Red who's always mooching for treats and who never gets enough attention.) was out being ridden with a pile of treats and general pony goodies outside his stall. Doped up Bobby on Conquer for the last time until he goes cross country schooling (hopefully sometime early to mid April).

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