Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 33

Borrowed clippers from one of Hubby's friends. He said they were livestock clippers he's used on cows and horses and that they quiet, but Holy Hades were they loud. But all three of us made do. I haven't clipped in a few years so it took some getting used to, and Bobby definitely came out crooked. Oh, well.

Bobby wasn't too excited about it, and I'm not sure he's been clipped since two. He was stupid ticklish on his belly and armpits, so I'll have to take my trimmers to him tomorrow for some touch ups, but I cleaned him off pretty good. I did a trace clip, only much higher up than usual; he had belly hair like a yeti.

Looking for an escape route.

Not pretty, but at least he won't get too hot.

I gave Red his customary shoulder and chest clip and was done with him in twenty minutes max. His leg was still a smidgen puffy, just barely noticable, and I probably could have left it open, but I wrapped it with alcohol for one more night. I might get on him and walk him around a little tomorrow.

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