Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 18

So nice out today! I brought the ponies out to the arena with me while I set up canter ground poles and they were loving the nice weather. Both rolled (which made for horrible grooming later) and Bobby got some serious crazies out: bucking and farting around the arena and trying to get Red to play with him. Red, for his part, ran for awhile when chased with the whip, but really was not interested in anything but getting back to his stall to eat.

Put the draw reins on Bobby with the elevator bit and had a great w/t warm up with him. Made him do some 10-15 meter circles at the trot and he was bending really well both ways. Got a semi-good canter circle in each direction, just kind of lazy picking it up to the right and I lost my stirrup trying to get him into it so I was a little unbalanced. Took him to the canter poles and had a GREAT canter on the long side--really balanced for how sloppy the arena was. The poles themselves were a little....silly? He tried to bail at the first pole (there were 4) the first time up, and ended up jumping it and going back on the rail. Took him around again, and he went over the first, got a little sticky over the second, and back to the rail. Brought him back down to the trot and he went over fine, so picked up the canter again and while still a little silly, he went over all 4. Tried once from the other way and he went over fine, so I left them at that. Cantered 3 full times on the circle to the left to finish off. Pretty happy with the whole ride overall.

Considered doing the same thing with Red, but I didn't want to get bored, so I threw the western saddle on him, grabbed the rope, and went out. I put the reins around the horn to navigate the rope (Hubby is much better at this than I am) and steered him with my legs. I roped the standard twice and missed twice. I really shouldn't have missed at all since Red knew exactly what this game was and walked me right up to it. I could just see the thoughts running threw his head as I tried to figure out what I was doing: "Really? That was my leg you just roped, you moron." "Do you need me to get the rope off the standard for you?! No? Then hurry up all ready!" "I just backed up ten steps. Figure out how to loop the rope instead of asking me to pull it taut for you." Ohhh, Red. Did a few roll backs to the canter--sorry, the lope--then let him go careening around the arena at the canter in each direction for awhile. Opened both gates off his back and had a kick-tug-kick-tug-KICKKICKKICK pissing match to walk the length of the amish's cow pasture down the road.

Talked to Fran about how BO isn't feeding our horses at noon anymore, and hasn't been for at least a week. She said BO told her earlier that her horse wasn't eating all his grain at afternoon feed, which she told him was because he was coming for "noon" feed at 1:30, giving him 2qts, and then feeding him his afternoon feed with everyone else at 3:30. He was probably full! Frustrating. Fortunately, as far as I know, Bobby cleans up his grain. He also annhilated his mineral block I bought him a week ago. Literally nothing left. Whoops. Should have gotten him one sooner! I'll grab him another one tonight or tomorrow.

The Equine Affaire is looking farther and farther away....and looking less and less likely like I'll be able to go. Just too much money to ship him out there. Might be able to rent BO's trailer, but have to convince Hubby that we can use his company truck to haul it, which I'm not sure he's down with. Bummer. Serious bummer. I really want to go.

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