Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to the barn

I felt guilty not having been to the barn in three days. Yesterday I went out and finally bought my own grain. I decided on Purina Omolene 200 with Amplify. I really liked the analysis on it and the vet's assistant recommended it. I measured out individual baggies for both Red and Bobby for AM/PM, put both of Bobby's supplements in, and left them in buckets so all BO has to do is dump the baggies in. I feel so much better knowing that the horses are getting quality feed and the right amount of it. Now I won't feel so bad about it if I miss a day going out there. The mill grain they're on now just went right through Bobby; you could see whole oats and the cracked corn in his poop. No wonder he was getting so skinny.

watching me add his supplements to his bags of grain.

I tacked up Bobby to head out to pony again because at this point the arena is destroyed--completely unusable if it doesn't get dragged from people turning their horses out in it because BO doesn't want his paddocks torn up with the mud. Too bad for those who want to ride. I was rather unprepared for getting on and getting around. I had both horses and the mounting block, and had to slide the door closed. Bobby walked directly into the mounting block, spooked into Red who spooked because he was standing on concrete, and I lost my grip on both and off they went....right across the road. I ran into the barn and grabbed a scoop of grain, only to come back out to see Red standing in the middle of the road and Bobby grazing in the neighbor's yard with two cars stopped in the road. Of all the times to see a car in an otherwise quiet road, that would have to be it. Grabbed Red and moved him over, then went and grabbed Bobby. Got everything together and got on Bobby.

dick head.

Took the long route out to the gamelands and both boys were good. Had to keep dragging Red up to my leg because he was just moseying along. Trotted all the way out our usual way. Both horses were pretty good about going where I wanted them. The ground was pretty hard, especially the few gravel parts, so Bobby was a little mincy on those areas. He'll definitely need shoes if he's going to compete. Tried to do a little cantering on the way back, but Red was faaaar more eager to return than go out so he kept trying to charge ahead of Bobby. Finally, after fighting with both of them, I stopped and threaded the lead rope through Red's halter to use as a shank since my shank was destroyed by the horse I sold in January. Kept it at a trot anyway, and Red was better.

Planned on doing some dressage schooling in the arena with Bobby afterwards, but there was just no way I could do anyhting in there. Let him do a little cantering in the field and worked on getting him to do so straight. I really need a breastplate for him and his ten mile high withers because his saddle keeps slipping back.

CL called to say her trainer will be out tomorrow afternoon to start lessons, which means her daughter will start using Bobby once a week or so. Maybe either she or her friend can get BO to drag the arena because I don't see how they'll be able to do lessons in it with the way it is.

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